Get this with 1000 euros

Get this with 1000 euros

An art purchase doesn’t have to be a huge investment. The price range of the pieces on sale on Taiko is wide and there is art available for every budget. With thousand euros you can get a versatile selection of art to brighten up your home or office. We have put together a few examples of different thousand euro combinations of artworks. Choose your favourite or use the examples as an inspiration for creating your own selection!


Artworks from left to right: Unnamed (Woman in white), White rose 2., PiilopaikkaEilean a' Cheò, Hengitän!


The selections of two pieces are three different combinations of pieces by photographer Vesa Aaltonen and painter Jarkko Rantanen. Artworks from left to right: Blue leaves II, of the series "Mindscapes"Maisema 2, Forest at nightSpring Evening, of the series "Mindscapes"Green Forest II, of the series "Mindscapes", Maisema 1


Artworks from left to right: Light in the Woods, Midsummer, Cosmic Haze