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Taiko – a webshop for Finnish art – is a platform where professional artists present and sell their artwork to consumers and companies. On the opening day, the 30th of November 2016, more than 260 artists had joined Taiko.

Taiko offers paintings, graphic prints, photoart and sculptures. Buyers can browse the selection with various criteria, for example based on price, size and theme. With help for Taiko’s special image feature Taiko Test, the buyer can see how artworks would fit into their own room or space.

A courier service fetches sold artwork from the artist and delivers it to the address provided by the buyer. Delivery time is from four to nine working days. Taiko has the normal ecommerce return period of 14 days.

Presenting artwork on Taiko is free for the artists. From sold artwork, the artist pays a 30 percent commission.

Taiko is owned by Demosarte Oy Ab which is founded by the communication and marketing professionals Patrik and Pia Edman.

Interview queries, artist contacts and materials:
Patrik Edman +3584084461,
Pia Edman +358442730827,

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