Taiko is owned by Demosarte, owned and founded by Patrik and Pia Edman.

'The idea was born in the Spring of 2016, when we met an artist who complained that there is no versatile and national channel to sell her art. We looked into the market and quickly realized that there is a digital gap on the Finnish art market. Five months later we launched Finland's largest and most extensive webshop for art.'

Patrik Edman: Communications professional, who has worked for e.g. the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen, Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki and as a journalist with the Finnish News Agency. Patrik has been a part of several large web projects.

Pia Edman: Communications and marketing professional. Previously worked for an international ad agency with Microsoft as customer. Pia has several years of experience from an international startup, focusing on web applications for youth and kids. She has worked as a journalist with e.g. the Finnish News Agency (STT).