Art for companies

Taiko is Finland’s most extensive and versatile online marketplace for art. The selection consists of thousands of paintings, sculptures, graphic prints and photos from hundreds of professional artists.

Taiko is a flexible partner for companies to buy art from in an easy way. With the help of Taiko, you decorate your office space as well as buy art as gifts for personnel and business partners. Taiko also offers gift cards. Additionally, we provide various art related services and products, such as exhibitions and competitions, framing and hanging.

Services for companies

  • Art to offices
    We plan an art experience tailor-made for your company’s needs. Contact us to set up a meeting.
  • Business gifts and gifts for personnel
    We help you to find the most suitable art gifts both to your business partners and to your personnel.
  • Art curator services
    Taiko’s curator is an art professional who can consult your company when it comes to buying art. The curator can for example go through the company’s current art collection.
  • Taylor-made solutions
    Taiko has more than one thousand professional artists in its artist register. This means that we will find a suitable artist for your needs; whether you want a wall painting to your office or wish to arrange a competition for planning and executing an artwork.
  • Exhibitions at the company premises
    The exhibition includes 10 artworks from one local artist. We choose the artist and artworks that fits best your company, we take care of the delivery and hanging of the artworks and naturally also dismantle the exhibition. An exhibition includes a one-hour-long artist visit.
  • Design competitions for artists
    Taiko has more than one thousand professional artists in its register. Thus, Taiko can arrange a competition for planning and executing an artwork for your company’s needs.
  • Virtual gallery
    An exciting activity for groups. We browse through Taiko’s selection and present topical artists and their production. The event can be organized at the company’s premises or at SparkUp Turku.
  • Art hanging and framing services
    Taiko serves companies comprehensively. Thus, we offer framing and art hanging services.

Save time and effort

  • Browse through thousands of artworks from professional artists.
  • Browse the selection when and where ever.
  • Utilize the expertise of our art curator.
  • Pay directly in the webshop or by invoice.
  • Effortless logistics – the sold artwork is delivered straight to the buyer.

Why art for companies?

  • Create an energetic and creative atmosphere for your personnel and an aesthetic environment for customers and visitors.
  • Deliver a strong message for your clients and partners: Our company invests in its personnel and considers soft values highly important.
  • Art is an environment-friendly and sustainable choice that is preserved even for centuries. Show that your company supports Finnish culture and Finnish artists.
  • Show that your company supports Finnish culture and Finnish artists.
  • Receive positive publicity for your company both in the company’s own channels and through Taiko.





Tech company Gofore bought 12 artworks from Taiko to its office spaces in Tampere. The aim is to stimulate and increase creativity in the work place.

”We want our growth to be reflected elsewhere as well. Supporting artists fits well in to our culture of doing good”, says Timur Kärki, CEO of Gofore.

In the picture Timur Kärki (on the left) and photo artist Vesa Aaltonen.

Veritas Pension Insurance



”We bought Taiko gift cards to our board members. In addition to the fact that we want to support Finnish culture and Finnish artists, we wanted to give the receivers a chance to choose art that they specifically like themselves.”

Pia Kallio, Executive Assistant, Veritas Pension Insurance.

Turku Technology Properties

Turku Technology Properties invests in Finnish visual art. The company acquired art from for exemple visual artist Anu Halmesmaa (in the picture).

"We want to create an inspiring environment for our employers. And what is more inspiring than art."

Mikko Lehtinen, CEO 



”We bought a bronze sculpture from the artist Matti Happonen as a business gift from Taiko. There is a need for a versatile and handy marketplace for art, since companies rarely have time to visit for example art galleries.”

Anne Juvonen, Executive Assistant, Valmet Technologies

The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters



”We bought photo art from Taiko for a competition, in which the prize is granted to a person who has significantly enhanced the status or appreciation of interpreters. The theme of Nina Sarkima’s artwork complements the diploma with its quiet and dignified elegance. It is easy to browse among and buy artworks on Taiko, which is a highly welcome channel for acquiring art.”

Kristiina Antinjuntti, Executive Director, SKTL

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