Serguei Zlenko €3,000.00
b"a"llet, n.2, from series Ballet, 67x77cm, oil on canvas, 2017 Painting
67 H x 77 W x 3 D [cm]
Terhi Aro €350.00
Plot Twisters Graphic print
29 H x 23 W x 0.1 D [cm]
Eve Alasaarela €700.00
My place Painting
40 H x 60 W x 0 D [cm]

Latest art

Sami Rissanen €198.00
Mushroom moon Painting
50 H x 40 W x 1.5 D [cm]
Elina Liikanen €150.00
Flora Painting
77 H x 57 W x 2 D [cm]
Grass Painting
20 H x 30 W x 0.2 D [cm]
Helka Immonen €1,500.00
Rain Painting
90 H x 100 W x 2 D [cm]

Sold art

Croquis VII Graphic print
50 H x 40 W x 0 D [cm]
Eero Pöyhtäri €770.00
Aamu Painting
43.2 H x 58 W x 2.8 D [cm]
Virpi Hakala €230.00
Blueberry forest Painting
27 H x 35 W x 0.5 D [cm]
Janne Laine €60.00
13/12; Fluffy VI Graphic print
23 H x 23 W x 0.1 D [cm]
Markus Tornberg €180.00
Night in Finnish Garden Painting
30 H x 20 W x 1 D [cm]
Satu Laurel €400.00
Memory Painting
60 H x 50 W x 2 D [cm]
Elina Liikanen €700.00
Auringossa Painting
150 H x 140 W x 2 D [cm]
Nora Tapper €650.00
At the Source Sculpture
29 H x 26 W x 10 D [cm]

Most viewed artwork

Who killed Bambi Blue 1 Graphic print
57 H x 44 W x 3 D [cm]
Platinum Blonde Photography
50 H x 75 W x 2 D [cm]
Mikko Paakkola €1,600.00
Nimetön Painting
40 H x 40 W x 2 D [cm]
Pauliina Vallisto €1,600.00
Dream Team Painting
84 H x 60 W x 0.6 D [cm]

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