Chingiz Abassov

Tietoja minusta

Chingiz Abassov is one of the most distinguished contemporary artists representing Azerbaijan art. Although he works predominantly outside Azerbaijan, in Finland and the USA, his works demonstrate his strong connection to his cultural roots. Despite displaying a wide range of artistic genres, from figurative to cityscape to portraiture, Abassov’s style is instantly recognizable through the bold brushwork and a unique combination of the expressive, colorful approach of the Azerbaijan school of painting and the traditions of Western realism. A native of Baku born in 1963, Abassov showed an interest in drawing and painting in his early childhood. At age six he attended drawing and painting classes at the Palace for Youth in Baku. Nine years later he started his formal education at the Azimzade Art College in Baku where he spent four years studying drawing, painting, and composition. After serving in the army, he entered the famous Academy of Applied Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia.