Artists guide

Taiko is a digital sales channel helping you effectively reach consumers and companies interested in Finnish art. Taiko is the world's largest marketplace for Finnish contemporary art.

Through Taiko, you are offered a sales and marketing channel for your artworks. On Taiko, you can sell paintings, graphic prints, photo art and sculptures.

Only artists living in Finland can sell their artworks on Taiko. Only professional artists can sell their art through Taiko. Taiko has its own curator for evaluating artist profiles.

From sold works, Taiko receives a commission. Apart from the commission, Taiko is free to use for the artist.

  • Global. You reach buyers all around the world.
  • Reliable payments. Payments are taken care of through Taiko. Taiko co-operates with reliable payment providers.
  • Smooth logistics. Taiko is responsible for shipping arrangements and delivery costs.
  • Regular payments. Taiko makes the payment to the artist every month.
  • Marketing help. Taiko advertises both its brand and single artists regularly through various channels.
  • Contacting corporate clients. Taiko is in contact with corporate clients and sells art to offices.

Your profile

In your Taiko profile you manage the information about yourself and your art. You can e.g. update your personal data and the images of yourself and your artwork. In your profile you can upload new artworks for sale, change artwork information such as prices, inform about lengthy absences and follow up on your own sales.

When an artwork has been sold

You will receive an email when one of your artworks has been sold. The Taiko will then contact you to agree on practicalities. Delivery time for the artwork is 4-15 working days after the sale has taken place. Taiko pays your share of a sold artwork once per month to that bank account you’ve provided in your profile.


It is the artist who decides the price of his or her artwork. The price shown to the consumer always includes value added tax (VAT). The artist has an opportunity to lower the price tag of his or her art. Taiko has the possibility to give buyers offer codes.

Agreement between Taiko and the artist

To clarify the duties and rights, Taiko enters a legal agreement with the artist which defines the principal duties and rights pertaining to each party. You will approve the agreement when registrering on Taiko.