This is Taiko

Taiko is an art webshop for original Finnish art. It is the natural meeting place for the professional artist and buyers in all of Finland. Taiko offers a wide variety of paintings, prints, photo art and sculptures in different price categories. You may filter your searches through a versatile search function, for instance by price, size, theme and technique. Through Taiko's unique picture service Taiko Test you can visualize how an artwork fits in your own home or office before buying the object.

Taiko serves in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish. Taiko is an abbreviation for the word art in Finnish and Swedish, that is taide and konst. A taiko is also a Japanese drum. Taiko wants to hit a drumroll for Finnish art.

Taiko wants to enhance the availability of art in Finland and at the same time enhance the artist's possibilities to present and sell his or her own artworks. The goal is to provide a market for the thousands of artwork that remain unseen to the public in the ateliers across the country.

Taiko does not sell so called print art, only authentic artworks. This means, that a painting or sculpture bought on Taiko is unique. Even if graphic prints and photo art may be produced in series, they are unique in the sense every artwork is signed and numbered.

Taiko only offers art by professional artists. To guarantee the quality of the selection, every Taiko artist has been approved based on certain criteria.

Taiko provides versatile payment methods: netbank, credit card, mobile payment and installment payments as well as per invoice. In the beginning, Taiko delivers art to addresses in Finland, except to the Aland Islands. However, artists on the Aland Islands may sell their art on Taiko.